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The management of corporate business processes. It should be easier. It should be less expensive.

With PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow, it is.

PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow is the ultimate in business process management. WorkFlow provides management and instant access to the flow and processing of electronic and paper-based documents in the modern workplace.

PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow enables businesses to fully automate standardized business processes, routing any document, anywhere on the globe, anytime, all while tracking the process and alerting users and administrators to the presence of work items that need to be completed. It's a whole new, cost-effective, organized and efficient world.

All the power without complexity.

WorkFlow is an optional, affordable addition to the PaperVision Enterprise solution.

Your competitive advantage is exponentially increased by electronically organizing, controlling and intelligently routing the documents that drive your organization. Designed as a fully-integrated PaperVision Enterprise module, WorkFlow connects and distributes powerful functionality to all licensed PaperVision users, eliminating the need for additional integration and installation procedures.

Custom programming optional . . . but not necessary.

PaperVision Workflow uses an intuitive, icon-based graphical interface, so even nontechnical workflow administrators can point-and-click .real-world. workflow scenarios. For example, accounts payable managers might want to design their own approval process for all incoming invoices. A mortgage administrator can effortlessly navigate thousands of mortgage applications through an otherwise complex loan approval process, and make absolutely sure that all requirements along the way are substantiated, completed within set time frames and meticulously tracked.

It's all about your customer.

Users are instantly notified when assignments are available and are intuitively instructed on the tasks to be completed before the workstep can transition. Knowledge workers can then make decisions with all the relevant data available at their fingertips. These decisions translate into proper routing and timely assessments, which ultimately drive profitability and increase customer satisfaction.

Administration is a breeze.

From the smallest to the largest companies, single or multiple workflow administrators can simultaneously manage an unlimited number of teams, projects and workflow instances from the comfort of their desktop or the convenience of the web. Since workflow processes can change over time, modifications can be applied instantly, even to active processes already underway. Processes themselves can be created, viewed, tracked, activated and deactivated quickly and easily by authorized users, whether completed or still in the works. All from one simple, centralized, tightly integrated administration console. More power, less cost, your choice.

It's in the detail.

Your business workflow processes are thoroughly detailed, audited and reported immediately. Specific instances of an infinite number of workflow processes are tracked individually and can be viewed at your convenience, in their entirety or at any point during the transaction. Information pertaining to active processes is compiled in live, continually-updated status reports. Custom notifications alert supervisors of overdue or stalled tasks, allowing them to be instantaneously reassigned.

Since no business process can stand alone, PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow ships with powerful, well-documented APIs that allow direct linking with critical third party applications.

Whether seeking to make direct API calls from other business-specific applications via web services, ActiveX or COM, or designing business-specific features using Digitech.s freely-distributed source code, developers can rest assured that our documentation is complete and uncompromising in its simplicity. Architectural flexibility is at your command.


  • Natively preintegrated component module of PaperVision Enterprise - no separate end-user components to install
  • Single user interface operates identically within both PaperVision Enterprise desktop and web browser clients
  • Centralized Administration Console for all administrative, database and WorkFlow functions
  • Adheres to provisions from the Workflow Management Coalition, ensuring continuity with emerging standards
  • Easy-to-read documentation with separate manuals for administrators, developers and end-users
  • All upgrades are included in annual maintenance, ensuring access to the latest product features and benefits


  • Graphical design of workflow processes without the need for any programming or scripting
  • Time-based workstep assignments can ensure steps are completed in a specified time frame
  • Unlimited tasks can be included in a single workstep
  • Manual user tasks are complemented by automated operations, including:
    • Command-line instructions such as launching separate applications or processes, or performing system operations.
    • Raising COM events allows third party applications to interact with the workstep
  • Evaluation rules specify which tasks must be completed for a workstep to transition


  • New workflows can be spawned automatically based on administrator-defined conditions
  • Custom notifications can be sent to workflow participants or administrators based on specified conditions
  • Workflows can be edited, with changes occurring immediately, even on current workflow processes
  • Workflows can easily be temporarily deactivated and reactivated, making updates and changes simple to manage


  • Simplified administration can be done by specific users or general system administrators
  • Define workflow participants based on existing PaperVision Enterprise users and groups
  • Workstep participants can take ownership of any worksteps in order to complete the tasks in their work queues
  • Workstep ownership can be revoked from a user by administrators


  • Web services API for integration with PaperVision client/server communications via HTTP/HTTPS/XML
  • COM DLL's API supports both local and remote communications, with no modification to code
  • ActiveX (OCX) controls can be embedded into third party applications
  • Full source code of both desktop and web browser client applications provided at no charge


  • Complete, detailed workflow history reports contain extensive data relating to completed workflow processes and all of the corresponding worksteps and tasks
  • Workflow reporting contains detailed data allowing you to analyze ROI, improve process efficiency and identify bottlenecks
  • Reports can be archived, filtered and printed for review at a later time
  • Workflow status reports provide detailed information about current, active workflow processes Report Manager


What Accuscan Can Do For You  
Scanning Format Records
 AccuScan can convert your paper documents to a digital file, convert microfilm to a digital file and convert your paper files to microfilm  
AccuScan will pick up, sort, scan and index your prints in a simple, easy to use manner. We digitally enhance the images to give you the best possible image and provide multiple copies of the finished product.
Enterprise content management (ECM) is the technologies used to capture, store, preserve and deliver content and documents and content related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists.
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