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Conversion & Format


Paper to micro film, digital file
Microfilm to digital file
Digital File to micro film
Blueprints to scanned image or converted to AutoCAD


Digital File Formats that we can provide: TIFF, PDF, JPEG, bitmaps and many other image file formats

Scanning Services

  • High & Low volume black and white scanning: 200 to 800 dpi.
  • Color and Grayscale Scanning.
  • Barcode scanning
  • OCR conversion
  • We scan to many different formats.
  • Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel conversion services.
  • Multiple field indexing.
  • On site scanning.

Our Pricing


Portable -   Your files can be saved so that you can carry them on a laptop, flash drive, cd/dvd, jumpdrive or many other types of digital media.


We convert all types of records for:
  1. School Districts - student records, board meeting records, payroll, personnel, accounts  receivable, payables and blueprints.
  2. Collages and Universities ‚ÄďAdmissions, financial aid, payroll, personnel, student records, accounts  receivable, payables, blueprints and O&M manuals
  3. Distribution centers, trucking companies- Delivery receipts, bills of laden
  4. Manufacturers - plant blueprints and design prints of parts, records in support of GMP
  5. Architectural and Engineering Firms -  blueprints, spec books
  6. Hospitals- Payroll, personnel,  patient records, accounts  receivable, payables, billing records,  blueprints and  O&M manuals
  7. City, Towns, Counties and Municipalities - blueprints, tax records, birth certificates, death certificates and building permits
  8. Utility Companies & MUA - blueprints, permit applications
  9. Prisons, State Homes & other Government Facilities - blueprints, payroll, accounting and  personnel records


What Accuscan Can Do For You  
Scanning Format Records
 AccuScan can convert your paper documents to a digital file, convert microfilm to a digital file and convert your paper files to microfilm ¬†
AccuScan will pick up, sort, scan and index your prints in a simple, easy to use manner. We digitally enhance the images to give you the best possible image and provide multiple copies of the finished product.
Enterprise content management (ECM) is the technologies used to capture, store, preserve and deliver content and documents and content related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists.
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950 Mt Holly Road
Edgewater Park, NJ  08010

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