Record Management for Healthcare

Unify Records Systems and Simplify Compliance

Approximately 545,000 businesses make up the healthcare industry, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Healthcare providers are largely driven by national initiatives for electronic medical record adoption and federal laws concerning the security and privacy of protected health information. Any business with access to medical records must comply with patient security and privacy laws.


The Healthcare Market

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and President Bush’s Health Information Technology agenda are two key issues for the healthcare industry. These initiatives require healthcare providers to convert to electronic information systems and adopt secure, effective information management practices that protect patient privacy. Digitech Systems provides affordable, easy-to-use Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that assists healthcare providers with:

  • Converting to electronic information systems to boost productivity.
  • Adopting secure information management practices to simplify information security.
  • Protecting patient privacy to build patient confidence and trust.

A Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) survey, says implementing an electronic medical record system and redesigning processes and workflows are among the top four IT priorities for healthcare providers. In fact, electronic record systems are considered the most essential of all IT applications.

Electronic Information Systems Boost Productivity

Although the compliance deadline passed in April 2005, only 55% of healthcare providers said they have implemented HIPAA security standards, according to HIMSS and Phoenix Health Systems.

Document accuracy, timely records retrieval, secure information distribution and disclosures are crucial to a provider’s HIPAA compliance and operational efficiency. Managing information with PaperVision® Enterprise or ImageSiloSM ECM product suites aid providers in responding to information requests quickly, ensuring secure disclosure processes, improving patient and employee services and reducing errors.

  • A centralized records system manages information for an unlimited number of departments and users.
  • Automated document routing accelerates healthcare practices and improves efficiency.
  • Email management captures and organizes messages for faster search and retrieval.
  • Point-and-click integration connects the ECM system to existing medical records software for ease of use.

Information Security is Simple with ECM

HIPAA and the demand for protected health information have amplified the importance of records security from an administrative need to an executive-level business priority. IT investments focus on ECM systems to implement information access controls, data protection measures and system monitoring capabilities. Digitech Systems’ ECM software provides multiple levels of information protection that simplify security and compliance.

Multiple Security Configurations

Multiple security configurations control user information access and system abilities.

Extensive Audit Trails

Extensive audit trails track document history, system activity and information disclosures.

Stay Compliant

Controlled information disclosures enforce compliance procedures.

Top Notch Data Encryption

Data encryption can occur both when stored and during transmission to protect information at virtually every stage.

Privacy Protection Builds Patient Confidence & Trust

Patient information privacy is the primary goal of HIPAA. Providers understand that technology is key to HIPAA compliance and building patient trust. PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo help providers maintain secure, private records.

Five Levels of Security

Five levels of security—user, group, document, function and project—control and monitor employee access to ensure patient privacy.

Manage Who Shares Which Documents

Disclosure controls ensure employees share records only with pre-approved recipients.

Enhanced Accountability

Document history and user action reports detail system activity and enhance accountability.

Restrict Disclosure of Sensitive Patient Information

Redaction restricts the viewing or disclosing of sensitive information within a document and maintains patient confidentiality even if a document is shared.

Key Features

Improved Accuracy & Efficiency

Capture, store, index and retrieve information electronically for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Multiple Security Levels

Multiple levels of security protect information from unauthorized access, theft and disaster.

Extensive Audit Trails

Extensive audit trails log disclosures and provide documented evidence of compliance.

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