Record Management for the Education Industry

Simplify Records Management and Reduce Costs

The education industry consists of academic institutions, public or private universities and vocational schools. The U.S. Department of Education states there are approximately 96,000 public schools and 2,600 accredited four-year universities and colleges.

The government, students and teachers are pressuring schools to manage records electronically and provide online access to information.

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The Education Market

Schools inundated with records and government initiatives and unfunded mandates are calling for electronic document management.

At the university level, there is an increasing demand for electronic services and wireless access to information systems. School success is heavily dependent upon the ability to manage information. Digitech Systems provides affordable, easy-to-use Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that enables schools to unify records systems and:

  • Reduce document management costs for enhanced information accessibility.
  • Manage information electronically for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Maintain security and student privacy in compliance with government regulations.

On-Demand ECM Reduces Information Costs and Enhances Accessibility

Managing multiple records systems, budget constraints and overloaded IT departments are challenges for schools everywhere. Administrators are always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. ImageSiloSM, an on-demand ECM service, provides ease of use, rapid implementation and a low total cost of ownership. Best of all, users have the convenience of online information access, anywhere, anytime.

  • Outsourcing ECM services requires no costly initial capital investment in hardware or software or IT personnel.
  • Digitech Systems maintains and manages ImageSilo, so IT departments are freed from managing increasing amounts of storage and ongoing support.
  • Rapid implementation allows the system to be installed with minimal impact to school schedules.
  • With on-demand ECM, schools can provide secure, remote access to information and monitor system activity.

Electronic Information Improves Efficiency

Managing and retrieving paper documents across multiple departments and locations can be costly and time consuming. At a university, information systems can become more complex. To incite technology-driven transformations and improve productivity, the U.S. Department of Education encourages schools to manage information electronically. PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo ECM product suites control electronic files, centralize disparate records systems, streamline information management and improve data accuracy.

Minimize Administrative Workloads

Automatically capturing and indexing electronic files, paper documents and email messages minimizes keystrokes and school administrative workloads.

Find Records in Seconds

Intelligent search capabilities reduce retrieval times and find student records in seconds.

Automated Document Routing

Automated document routing accelerates standard processes and simplifies departmental collaboration.

Email Management

Email management captures and organizes messages for management in the school ECM system.

Point-and-click Integration

Point-and-click integration connects the ECM system to existing school software for ease of use.

Multiple Levels of Security Protect Student Information

The No Child Left Behind Act, federal laws, and state statutes all require schools to collect, report, and maintain student data.

Under these laws, schools must develop, employ and ensure security policies and procedures for student records. PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo simplify information protection and records disclosure with multiple levels of security, system integrity and reliability.

Customize Access by User

Sophisticated security settings can customize access on an individual basis and manage user ability to read, change or share documents.

Hide Sensitive Information

Redaction hides sensitive information within a document, making it protected but available for use.

Track Who Views Information

Documented disclosure tracking maintains a record of who received information, when and why.

High Quality Data Encryption

256-bit AES data encryption can occur both during transmission and when information is stored, ensuring data security.

Key Features

Instantly retrieve information to improve efficiency.

Automatically capturing and indexing electronic files, paper documents and email messages minimizes keystrokes and school administrative workloads.

Increased Accessibility

Online access enables schools to increase information accessibility while maintaining security with user logins and access rights.

No Costly Capital Investment

On-demand ECM requires no costly capital investment and little ongoing IT support.

High Quality Security

Multiple levels of security protect student information and ensure data integrity.

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