Digitech Case Studies

Digitech Systems enables businesses in healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, education, government and other industries to reduce content management costs, enhance security and compliance and improve productivity and profitability.

These case studies take an in-depth look at how businesses gain measurable results with Digitech Systems’ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Some stories include a certified Return On Investment (ROI) analysis written by Nucleus Research.

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was designed to encourage the adoption of secure, effective content management practices in the healthcare industry. Read these case studies to see how healthcare providers use Digitech Systems to simplify HIPAA compliance, unify records systems and provide secure access to information.

Financial Services

A reliable information system is a financial institution’s most important asset because it establishes trust, enables compliance and protects the reputation of the institution. Read these case studies to see how financial institutions use Digitech Systems to protect information from disaster, comply with regulations and build efficiency and accountability into auditing processes.


Today’s retailers face fierce competition and escalating operational expenses. To stay competitive, they are dependent upon a well-managed business that continually seeks ways to reduce costs and increase profitability. Read these case studies to see how retailers use Digitech Systems to improve customer service, enhance process efficiency and protect customer information.



Manufacturers must improve quality, reduce product lifecycles, enforce standards, comply with regulations and minimize costs to succeed. Read these case studies to see how manufacturers use Digitech Systems to create process efficiency, reduce content management costs and improve customer service.



Schools maintain numerous records systems, and both the government and tech savvy students are putting pressure on them to adopt ECM systems and provide more online services. Read these case studies to see how schools use Digitech Systems to reduce information management costs, improve customer service and simplify disaster recovery.


Protecting and securing information systems and increasing government operational efficiencies are principal reasons for increasing IT spending among government agencies. Read these case studies to see how government offices use Digitech Systems to enhance security, protect information integrity, track user activity and maintain compliance.

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